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August 7, 2008

PCLinuxOS Saves the Day

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A few months back, my PC started to give out.  Trouble booting, odd noises, running hot.  Eventually it got to the point where it wouldn’t even boot.  Disgruntled, I borrowed my wife’s Windows system just so I could stay online.

Shortly before this, my wife had bought my daughter a new 160G SATA hard drive as a birthday present.  My daughter was putting together a new machine from various parts, and wanted a decent drive.  She was putting Windows XP on the new system.  Unfortunately, every time she tried to install the drive, it would say everything was fine, but then the Windows install disk would not recognize the drive.  She re-read the instructions (many times), walked through them slowly and carefully, tried varying the order of some of the steps, nothing worked.  She finally gave up in disgust and bought a new laptop (which was what she really wanted, anyway).

So here I was, sitting without my system, while my daughter had a perfectly good(?) one sitting in her house.  When she heard of my plight, she offered me the use of her machine, since she wasn’t using it,anyway.  I just smiled, and said “sure”.

When she brought the machine over to my house, I was ready.  I used her case, her new harddrive, her motherboard &CPU, and her PSU.  I provided my own CD/DVD-reader/writer, and my own new(er) video card.  I put it all together, plugged it in, and inserted my PCLinuxOS2007 CD.  I booted it up, and was greeted by the PCLOS boot screen.  Everything seemed great with the live-CD, including seeing the SATA drive sitting there, empty.

I partitioned the disk, and everything seemed satisfactory, so I hit the “Install” button the the PCLOS screen.  Sure enough, in a little while I was booting into that “unusable” box, but in a Linux environment, rather than Windows.  Within a few hours, I had updated all the software to the latest versions, installed some of my other favorites, and tweaked most of the settings to my accustomed preferences.

When my daughter came over the next day, she saw me working away, with a big grin on my face.  She threw up her hands and said, “Keep it.  It seems to like you.”


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