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September 19, 2008

New MS Ads …

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I’m sure it’s been said, but I have to say it again:

If you have a life without walls, why would you need windows?


September 18, 2008

Free? Or Freedom?

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Linux (or Gnu/Linux, as RMS would have me say) is Free Software. That is to say, the Gnu tools, the Linux Kernel, and most of the rest of the software, is licensed under the GPL (the Gnu General Public License, sometimes called a copyleft), which is considered a “Free” license. (Technically, a given copy of the Linux kernel may not be entirely Free, as it may contain some proprietary binary “blobs” to aid in wireless network connectivity and certain video card drivers.) Indeed, several totally “Free” distros exist,and several popular distros also provide Free versions.

But what is Free Software? (more…)

September 11, 2008

Is PCLinuxOS Stale?

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Recently, I’ve been reading posts talking about how PCLinuxOS is “stale”, “going downhill”, or even “dying”.  They point out that the “current” version of PCLOS is 2007, has an out-of-date kernel, and won’t recognize the latest hardware.


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