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October 2, 2008

Game Companies are Becoming ‘Bazaar’

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At the Civilization Fanatics Center, there is discussion going on about the latest Civ game issued: Civilization4: Colonization.  There is much ranting and raving occurring, based on the perception of some customers that the game is ‘broken’.

I wrote most of this in response to some who argued that they didnt want to “pay to be a beta tester”. (more…)


October 1, 2008

Software Installation In Linux

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One of the complaints I still hear from new (or non-) Linux users is that installing software is too hard.  The usual case in point is that in Windows, they just do an online search for what they want, download the installer, and double-click on it, and, after a few ‘OK’ clicks, voilà!  Or they just go down to the store, plunk $50 on the counter, take the CD home, insert it into the drive, and, again, after a few ‘OK’ clicks, voilà!

In reality, software installation in Linux can be even easier.  It can also be much harder.  It depends on what level of responsibility you want to take. (more…)

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