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December 23, 2008

Linux Isn’t Just Good Ideology — It’s Better Computing

“Windows programs love to make themselves the dominant monkey on your system, and like all dominant monkeys they fling poop: placing icons on your desktop and quick start menu, making themselves the default for whatever you want to do, and opening themselves up automatically. Load iTunes and at every startup you get hit in the face with QuickTime, a load of monkey dung in your system tray taking up resources whether you need it or (usually) not.”

John Deeth is a journalist who occasionally writes about computers. He is currently running a series about Software As A Subversive Activity.  The latest, Part 6, talks about the hows and whys that make Linux a better computing experience than Windows.

He does have one specific a little wrong, though.  When he says there are 40 known Linux viruses, vs. over 60000 Windows viruses, he is correct in fact, but doesn’t go quite deep enough.  While there are about 40 known Linux viruses, only a half-dozen have ever been found in the wild.  The remainder exist only in the lab, where they were written as proof-of-concept cases.  I would go so far as to challenge anyone to find any that are surviving/propagating in the wild, today.


December 12, 2008

Character Assassination Ain’t Us

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The further story from helios.

Sounds like some of the readers went totally ballistic about this, without knowing all the facts.  While I was indignant about “Karen’s” email, I certainly would never dream of calling down such wrath as some of these.  Helios is a class act, too, and admits and apologizes for mistakes he made.

December 10, 2008

A Night with WinWeb Security

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I spent half the night, last night, cleaning my wife’s Vista Home desktop system.  Apparently, my eldest grandson downloaded a mod to a game he plays on it, and it brought along the Winweb Security trojan.  (more…)

December 9, 2008

Linux – Stop Holding Our Kids Back!

I hope most of you are familiar with “helios”, and all he’s done for Linux.

This post, dated yesterday, is almost scary: Blog of helios.

To think that a teacher, who is responsible for helping children learn and grow, can be so out-of-touch with reality.  It saddens me.

Like one of the follow-on comments says, “I have rarely seen a worse, more damaging ignoramus….”

December 5, 2008

The Status of PCLinuxOS 2008/2009

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Disclaimer: I am not intimately familiar with Tex or the dev team, but I do follow what goes on.  Sometimes information pops up in disparate locations, and I am just trying to integrate it into a whole.

First, we know that PCLOS-2008 never happened. (more…)

December 3, 2008

Virus Affects 75% of Systems on Afghanistan Military Base

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Since I no longer work at USSTRATCOM, I don’t get the early information about these things.  I got this from Linux Today. (more…)

December 2, 2008

Mandriva … :sigh:

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Due to the the current economic situation, Mandriva has recently laid off all of its ‘external’ contractors. This means, basically, everyone not working at the corporate offices in France, and Brazil. Unfortunately, this includes Adam Williamson, the man who has arguably done the most to interface between the users and the developers / corporate. Adam has been the “face” of Mandriva for several years. Not only on the official Mandriva forums, but in magazine interviews, blogs, and other *nix forums. It seemed he was always there, to lend a hand, to correct others’ mistakes about Mandriva, to do whatever he could to keep Mandriva, and Linux in general, moving forward. (more…)

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