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March 9, 2010

PCLinuxOS2010 Beta1 – First Impressions

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I wasn’t going to install a beta release on my laptop. Then I got to thinking: a beta release from texstar is as good as a final release from some other sources. 😉

First, I must point out that this is beta.  It is only intended for testing, to help iron out bugs before the final release.  It is not intended for general public use.  For that reason, I will not link to any download sites for it.

The beta release has kernel, and KDE 4.4.1.  Installation was smooth as always.  It recognized all my hardware (nothing exotic: a simple Compaq CQ50 laptop, 2.16 GHz Intel Celeron 585 processor, 2 G RAM, Atheros wifi, Intel Mobile 4 video chipset), but that was expected, since Linux Mint demonstrated that earlier.

Once installed, it boots very fast.  It makes me want to pull my hair out when I borrow my wife’s Win7 netbook!  There’s already a slew of updates to the beta.  Tex and company have been working hard to fix the problems people are reporting.

Everything I’ve played with so far has worked beautifully.  I’ve switched from the default Folder View to Desktop View, and put a Folder Widget on the desktop.  I’ve also played with the plasma theme, and the window background.  Lots of widgets are available, of course.

Now, I’m just looking forward to the final release.  It’s going to be glorious.


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  1. “a beta release from texstar is as good as a final release from some other sources.”

    Everyone says that about their favorite distro. Everyone.

    Comment by Bratmon — April 9, 2010 @ 9:11 am | Reply

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