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January 19, 2010

Miguel de Icaza, Microsoft MVP

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Microsoft has named Miguel de Icaza as a Microsoft Most Valued Professional.

That sums it all up in a single statement.  Need I say anything more?


March 17, 2009

… then they fight you …

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I got involved in a “Happy Birthday, Linux” thread over at Civfanatics.  I had to stop myself before I got too long-winded and argumentative.  All because one of the posters asked a simple question, “why should I switch to Linux?”  I guess that made me a little extra sensitive to the subject, because I have noticed today a couple of items about switching to Linux, and MS “fighting back”. (more…)

February 11, 2009

The “Microsoft Trained Brain Syndrome”

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I ran across an article this morning, Linux Versus the Microsoft Trained Brain Syndrome.  I thought it made some very good points.

The problem is that people who have lived, worked, and played in a homogeneous Microsoft computing paradigm are lost and confused when they encounter a different paradigm. These people have only seen the flawed Microsoft ideology for how computing systems should work and so have a difficult time with more elegant systems based on Unix. They see the Linux system with its’ own paradigm and ideology and try to force it into the only paradigm they know, which is Microsoft’s. This will always cause the user problems.


December 9, 2008

Linux – Stop Holding Our Kids Back!

I hope most of you are familiar with “helios”, and all he’s done for Linux.

This post, dated yesterday, is almost scary: Blog of helios.

To think that a teacher, who is responsible for helping children learn and grow, can be so out-of-touch with reality.  It saddens me.

Like one of the follow-on comments says, “I have rarely seen a worse, more damaging ignoramus….”

September 19, 2008

New MS Ads …

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I’m sure it’s been said, but I have to say it again:

If you have a life without walls, why would you need windows?

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